Gloria Piffero passed away from Breast Cancer in 2014. Having grown up in Cobar and Hay, and then working and raising a family in Wagga Wagga, Gloria knew the countryside well. Travelling between these towns, Gloria would have passed a wetland or two in her life across the Hay and Booligal Plains and along the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers. Just as Gloria did, the EnviroKey team which comprises many of Gloria’s family, also regularly travel these same roads and past these same wetlands. It is our hope that this amazing project put together by Matt and his team will mean that we will know which wetlands this species hangs out! Real information to apply to the future management of this species. And wouldn’t we just love it if one of those wetlands was one that Gloria would have driven past on her travels.

Gloria – Wife to Merv, Mum to Linda (Director and Senior Ecologist) and Andrew, Mother-in-law to Steve (Director and Principal Ecologist) and Belinda and Granny to Amy, Zoe (Project Officer (GIS and Ecology), Lightening, Chloe, Holly (Senior Zookeeper), Josh (Administration Coordinator) and Declan.

Individual Name: Gloria
Sponsor: EnviroKey
Sex: Female
Found: Private wetland on farm near Balranald
Date Tagged: 22/10/2023
Details: The first ever Australian painted-snipe to be tracked. Caught in mist net at 7.02 am in flooded wheat stubble with receding water and mudflat islands, surrounded by extensive wetland complex managed for conservation. She flew off strongly and within two days of release we are already getting valuable insights into local movements, roosting and feeding sites, and learning about the diurnal and nocturnal habits of APS.

Shining a light on one of the most mysterious species in the world.