The Journey Begins: Introducing Gloria!

Gloria: the first ever Australian Painted-snipe to be tracked.
Gloria was calm throughout the process of attaching a leg loop harness with solar satellite transmitter.
Smiles all around moments after the release of Gloria: Lori Gould, Latham’s Snipe expert; Matt Herring, wildlife ecologist; Inka Veltheim, waterbird tracking expert.
Several measurements were taken, such as bill length and weight, and a few small feathers were removed for future research including DNA analysis.
One of the mist net sites in the area Gloria was caught.
The incredible plumage of the Australian Painted-snipe is amplified when in hand.
The transmitter weighs 1.98 grams and our strict ethics approval and scientific permits require us to only attach around 3% of body weight. Gloria was 131 grams.

Shining a light on one of the most mysterious species in the world.