Marcelina, meaning Little Warrior. The letters making up the name come from the first and last names of Ricegrowers’ Association staff.

Individual Name: Marcelina
Sponsor: Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia
Sex: Female
Found: In channel on farm near Balranald, NSW
Date Tagged: January 3rd, 2024
Details: The second ever Australian painted-snipe to be tracked. Caught in mist net at 8:30 pm along a channel adjacent to large wetland, surrounded by extensive wetland complex managed for conservation. She flew off strongly and within two days of release has already moved up to 2 km. One of the early insights, like Gloria, is the regular use of dryland roosts, in spear grass and black box, sometimes hundreds of metres from water.

Introducing Marcelina …

Marcelina, the second ever Australian Painted-snipe to be tracked, all thanks to the generous people and organisations that contributed to our crowd-funded research. Special thanks to the Ricegrowers’ Association of…

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